North Coyote Buttes, more popularly known as “The Wave” is easily one of the most stunning pieces of natural beauty you will ever find, anywhere. Near the Utah-Arizona border, this area in general is jam-packed with amazing sights. The one major problem with ‘the wave’ is the accessibility due to permitting. You should consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky if you manage to get your hands on one of the very few permits allotted everyday during the summer.
One way to get a permit is through the BLM WEBSITE, which can be quite a challenge. The only other way to get a permit is to show up in person and enter the lottery. We have been there on spring days and there are almost no people going for permits, we’ve also been there when there were 100+ people going for 10 permits.
If you do get a permit, The Wave is sure to be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, but can also be pretty dangerous. Last year alone there were 3 deaths on this short hike. Make sure to get GOOD directions and have plenty of food and water. AT LEAST 3-4 liter per person. Adventure Southwest would be happy to show you the way, just make sure to get your hands on some permits first.
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